Mortgage News: Facebook API App Explosion... 8 Mortgage Calculators

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Facebook API App Explosion... 8 Mortgage Calculators

As everyone knows, Facebook has exploded with the release of the API. In their developer group there is currently 86,925 members already signed up. Facebook had a competition for apps and the winning programmer and his application has had over 130,000 applications installed in less than a month. This explains why there is talk of it being worth for around 6 billion.

We noticed that there was not any mortgage calculators so we programmed a few a for you to install in your facebook account.

Mortgage Calculator - calculates 10-50 yr mortgages both fully amortized and interest only loans.

Side by Side Mortgage Comparison - calculate payments of up to 4 loans side by side at the same time.

Pay Option ARM Loan Calculator - Displays worst case scenario adjustments

Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator - Creates a monthly amortization schedule.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator - Displays worst case scenario of adjustments for ARM loans.

Blended Rate Mortgage Calculator - Got two loans? Calculate the "blended mortgage rate" of a first and second mortgage to help you determine if you should have a single mortgage.

Home Buying Monthly Budget Calculator - Thinking of buying a home? This calculator helps you calculate your net income monthly income after cost of living bills and mortgage payments.

Real Estate Investment Calculator - Calculates the monthly equity growth of your real estate investment through price appreciation and mortgage amortization pay-down.

Please try them out and provide us some feedback as to the usefulness of these facebook apps. You can access all of these calculators on or site at

We will be keeping on eye on the growth of these types of apps and the impact of it on the mortgage landscape.

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