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FHA Down Payment Calculator

FHA Mortgage Down Payment Calculator - A FHA loan offers a low down payment mortgage for buying a home. Use this mortgage down payment calculator to determine the minimum down payment required to buy a single family home, duplex, triplex or fourplex using a FHA loan. View the down payment and maximum FHA loan amount with the calculated FHA MIP (mortgage insurance premium) as per the most recent FHA mortgage requirements.

If the FHA loan amount is over the current FHA loan limits, the required down payment for buying a home is calculated based on the maximum FHA loan guidelines. Below you will find additional information on the FHA down payment requirements.

down payment calculator FHA Down Payment Calculator Instructions

Step 1: Enter Home Sales Price
Step 2: Select Property Type
Step 2: Click "Calculate FHA Down Payment Amount" button

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FHA Down Payment Calculator ///
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FHA Down Payment Requirements

Below are some general down payment guidelines for FHA home loans.

  • Minimum 3.5% down payment required for FHA

  • All or part of FHA down payment can be a gift

  • If the down payment is a gift, must provide paper trail for the source of funds (contact your lender to discuss required documents)

  • FHA home loans can be used to purchase an owner-occupied, 1-4 unit property

  • Qualified down payment assistance programs can be used in combination with a FHA loan

  • FHA mortgage insurance premium (FHA upfront MIP) can be financed into the FHA mortgage amount

If your are looking to buy a home with the lowest down payment possible using a 3.5% down payment FHA mortgage may be your best option unless you are a veteran who is qualified for a 100% no down payment VA loan, then use our VA mortgage calculator.

Not using a VA or FHA loan but need to calculate a mortgage down payment, try our basic mortgage down payment calculator

FHA Loan Down Payment Calculation

The FHA loan program requires a minimum 3.5% down payment. The base FHA loan amount will be 96.5% of the homes sales price assuming the sales price falls below the maximum allowable FHA loan limits for the county in which the property is located.

If the home's sale price is higher than the allowable FHA loan limit for the county, the minimum down payment required will be the difference between the sales price and the maximum FHA mortgage amount.

This FHA mortgage calculator uses the current FHA loan limit ceilings to determine the lowest down payment required for a FHA home loan.

Below are current maximum FHA loan limit amounts for 2012 based on property type in high cost areas.

  • 1 unit, Single Family Residence (SFR) incl. Condo and Townhouse - up to $729,750

  • 2 units, Duplex - up to $934,200

  • 3 units, Triplex - up to $1,129,250

  • 4 units, Fourplex - up to $1,403,250

Results of this down payment calculator show best case scenario based on the above FHA guidelines.

Please check maximum FHA loan limits in your county for exact amounts or request to be contacted by a FHA lender to get a free FHA mortgage quote and prequalification.


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