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Mortgage Rate Calculator

Mortgage Rate Calculator - Calculate your mortgage payment based on selected mortgage rate and mortgage term and see impact of your credit score on mortgage rate. Select fixed rate mortgage from 1.000% up to 20.00% and mortgage loan terms amortized from 5 years up to 40 year mortgages with this simple mortgage rate calculator.

Detailed results of this mortgage rate calculator also include total mortgage interest paid over lifetime of mortgage, total mortgage payments based on selected mortgage rate, estimated mortgage interest deduction and net effective mortgage rate based on your tax bracket.

Mortgage Rate Calculator Mortgage Rate Calculator Instructions

  1. Select Mortgage Rate and Length of Mortgage Loan
  2. Enter Mortgage Loan Amount and credit score
  3. Click "Calculate Mortgage Payment"
Mortgage Rate Calculator  / //
Mortgage Rate
Mortgage Amortization
Loan Amount
Your Credit Score

Results of Mortgage Rate Calculator ///
  • Below is the mortgage payment for a % mortgage rate, year home loan.
Monthly Mortgage Payment (Principal & Interest)
Details of Mortgage Rate Calculator
Total Interest Paid at % Mortgage Rate over years
Total of all Mortgage Payments
Total mortgage interest tax deduction based on *
Effective mortgage rate after mortgage interest deduction* %
Did You Know Your Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate?
Below is an example of the cost the Fannie Mae Loan Level Adjustment** based on your credit score. This is either charged as points in your closing cost or is financed into your mortgage via a higher mortgage rate.
You maybe charged a point based on your credit score
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* Mortgage Rate Calculator Disclosure: The mortgage rate calculator is for informational purposes only. Current IRS guidelines for tax brackets are used in the mortgage rate calculator. Taxes and insurance and PMI not include in mortgage rate calculations of monthly payments. Compare current mortgage rates before obtaining mortgage rate quotes from mortgage lenders.

** Mortgage Rate Credit Adjustment Disclosure: Mortgage rate calculator loan level adjustments of assumes a 75-80% loan to value on a purchase mortgage and is for information purposes only. Contact your mortgage lender to determine you exact mortgage rate adjustment. Source:

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