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Real Estate Equity Calculator

Real Estate Equity Calculator - Learn how much "equity" you have in your real estate. Please be as accurate as possible when entering amounts owed. Also, rember to factor in any mortgage pre-payment penalties if applicable. Note: Real estate equity calculator does not factor in the cost of sale.

Equity Calculator Instructions

Step 1: Enter Property Value
Step 2: Enter Amounts Owed on Property
Step 3: Click "Calculate Real Estate Equity"

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Real Estate Equity Calculator  ///
Property Value  
First Mortgage Amount Owed  
Second Mortgage Amount Owed  
Gross Real Estate Equity in Dollars*
Gross Equity as a Percentage* %
Your Current Loan to Value (LTV)* %
You have approximately Label in gross equity.
* Gross equity calculation does not include any costs that may be incurred when selling you home.


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Mortgage Info > Mortgage Calculators >   Real Estate Equity Calculator 
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