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Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Refinance Calculator Answers "Should I Refinance my Mortgage" Question.

Refinancing your home loan is a major financial decision affected by current refinance mortgage rates, closing costs, cash out and most importantly the time you intend on keeping the new mortgage loan. Our refinance calculator provides a side by side mortgage comparison of three mortgage refinancing programs with different refinance rates, loan amortization terms and lender closing costs to help you determine the best refinance mortgage program. Get a clear picture of your refinancing options at four points in time, immediately, one year, time you will keep the refinanced loan and lifetime cost of your mortgage refinance.

Refinance Calculator Refinance Calculator Instructions

Step 1: Enter your current mortgage loan details.
Step 2: Enter your property value, est. refinance loan amount and time you will keep mortgage.
Step 3: Select three current refinance mortgage rates, amortization & lender fee's to compare.
Step 4: Click Button:  "Calculate Mortgage Refinance Options" & scroll down to view results.

Should I Refinance Calculator ///

Step 1: Enter Your Current Mortgage Loan Details
Current Mortgage Payment  
Current Loan Balance  
Current Mortgage Rate
Mortgage Term
Age of Existing Mortgage  
Step 2:  Enter New Refinance Loan Amount ///
Est. Current Property Value   
New Refinance Loan Amount   
Time You will Keep Mortgage
Step 3: Select Mortgage Refinance Rates, Amortization &  Closing Costs ///
Select the estimated current refinance mortgage rate you will be able to obtain. 
Mortgage Term
Interest Rate  
Mortgage Points
Lender Fee's

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Mortgage Info > Mortgage Calculators >   Mortgage Refinance Calculator 
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