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Free Online Mortgage Prequalification

Prequalify for a mortgage and learn how much home loan you can afford for buying a home or if you qualify to refinance your mortgage. Get prequalified for a mortgage at today's current mortgage rates in less than 2 minutes.

Request an instant free mortgage preapproval with mortgage rate quotes and good faith estimates from local, professional mortgage lenders.

  • 100% Free, No-Obligation Loan Prequalification
  • No Social Security Number Required
  • Free Mortgage Preapproval Letters Provided*

Quickly complete the short 4-step mortgage qualification request below now.

What is difference between mortgage prequalification and preapproval?

  • Loan Prequalification - First step to determine if you qualify for a mortgage and the amount of loan you qualify for. This maybe done with an online mortgage qualification calculator or with a mortgage lender.
  • Mortgage Preapproval - Once you have prequalified for a mortgage, you may request to get preapproved for a mortgage based on your income and credit stated. Mortgage preapprovals are required by most real estate agents when making an offer to purchase a home

* No Obligation Mortgage preapproval will require that you provide documentation to the mortgage lender to get preapproved.

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